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¥1,700 [税込]

賞味期限 発送日より30日

オーブンでじっくりと焼き上げた「極辛口 黒 ローストチキンカレー」は、スパイスの効いた本格派の味わいが楽しめる逸品です。厳選された素材を使用し、一品一品丁寧に手作りされています。





[Extremely spicy black] Roasted chicken curry [Frozen] 200g/person
Expiration date: 14 days from the shipping date

The [Extremely Spicy Black Roasted Chicken Curry], which is slowly baked in the oven, is a gem with an authentic spicy flavor. Using carefully selected materials, each item is carefully handcrafted.

The appeal of this curry is its rich spice aroma and deep richness. The spicy and intense spiciness is addictive. The juiciness of the roasted chicken will whet your appetite.

No compromise on taste. A secret spice blend adjusted to suit the Japanese palate has filled the bellies of many people.

This roast chicken curry is especially recommended for those who like spicy food. We are particular about spiciness and pursue spiciness. Please enjoy authentic spice curry at home.

*Because it is a frozen product, be sure to heat it before thawing.

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