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¥2,200 [税込]

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[Extremely spicy black] Funkawan scallop curry [Frozen] 200g/person
Expiration date: 14 days from the shipping date

An extremely spicy black scallop curry, a special dish that combines the umami and spiciness of seafood from Funkawan, Hokkaido. Enjoy the exquisite harmony of the plump texture of the scallops and the intensely spicy black curry sauce. Because it is delivered as a frozen product, you can enjoy it anytime you like.

We carefully selected fresh scallops from the rich natural environment of Hokkaido and cooked them with our special cooking method. It is a dish full of craftsmanship, and is delivered while maintaining freshness by making full use of freezing technology. This curry, which makes you feel nostalgic in its spiciness, can be easily enjoyed at home.

The rich black curry sauce will bring a different charm to your dining table. While possessing an originality not found in other products, it goes well with a wide range of ingredients. Please enjoy the super spicy black scallop curry for a special moment.

* Since it will be delivered in a frozen state, please freeze it immediately after arrival. Please enjoy as soon as possible after thawing.


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