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¥2,000 [税込]

賞味期限 発送日より30日

【極辛口 黒】海老カレー【冷凍】200gは、濃厚でスパイシーな海老カレーです。厳選された海老を使用し、辛さと旨みが絶妙に調和した一品です。



ぜひ、【極辛口 黒】海老カレー【冷凍】200gをご家庭でご堪能ください。美味しい海老カレーの空気を感じながら、一緒に旅するような味わいを楽しんでいただけますように。

[Extremely spicy black] Shrimp curry [Frozen] 200g/person
Expiration date: 14 days from the shipping date

[Extremely dry black] Shrimp curry [Frozen] 200g is a rich and spicy shrimp curry. Using carefully selected shrimp, this dish has a perfect balance of spiciness and umami.

This product is recommended for those who like spicy food and those who like curry. There is a deliciousness that you will be addicted to once you eat it. The spicy spiciness is addictive and will whet your appetite.

As a precaution, be sure to read the product manual and follow the instructions when heating. Also, please be careful if you have allergies as it may contain allergens.

By all means, please enjoy [Extremely spicy black] Shrimp curry [Frozen] 200g at home. We hope you will enjoy the taste of traveling together while feeling the air of delicious shrimp curry.


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