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海鮮カレー 〉


¥1,900 [税込]

賞味期限 発送日より30日

あさりの旨味とパンチの効いた辛さが楽しめる【極辛口 黒】あさりたっぷりカレー。プリプリとしたあさりの食感と豊かな海の風味が広がります。冷凍保存できるので、忙しい日や食事の準備が面倒な日でも手軽に楽しむことができます。



[Extremely spicy black] Curry with plenty of clams [Frozen] 200g/person

Enjoy the umami of clams and a punchy spiciness [extremely dry black] curry with plenty of clams. The plump texture of the clams and the rich flavor of the sea spread out. Since it can be stored frozen, you can easily enjoy it even on busy days or days when meal preparation is troublesome.

Making this curry is very easy. After thawing, all you have to do is heat it up in a pan, so it’s safe even for first-timers and those who aren’t good at cooking. In addition, we have adopted a recipe that pursues spiciness so that those who like spicy food can be satisfied. Please try it once when you want to warm up firmly or on a special day.
It will make dining with family and friends even more enjoyable.

*Be sure to read the instructions on the package when handling.


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