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¥1,900 [税込]

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Curry with plenty of clams [Frozen] 200g/person
Expiration date: 14 days from the shipping date

Frozen curry with plenty of fresh clams

Curry with plenty of clams, packed with the flavor of clams. Using our own blend of spices, each one is carefully finished. The aroma and umami of clams are one of the features of this dish, so you can enjoy the authentic taste at home.

This curry is frozen, so it’s easy to eat even on busy days. Frozen storage keeps the freshness of the clams and delivers deliciousness at any time.

The curry with plenty of clams is a perfect match between the spicy spiciness of the clams and the umami of the clams, and goes perfectly with rice. Once you eat it, there is no doubt that you will be addicted to it.

Please enjoy this exquisite curry at home. This is an irresistible gem for clam lovers and those who want to easily enjoy authentic taste.

*Please check the instructions on the product for how to defrost it. Please note that it may differ from the photo.

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