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¥2,200 [税込]

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Funkawan scallop curry [frozen] 200g/person
Expiration date: 14 days from the shipping date

Frozen scallop curry made with plenty of fresh scallops grown in the rich natural environment of Funka Bay, Hokkaido. The unique taste and sweetness of scallops fills your mouth, and each scallop shell is firm and has a plump texture. Seasoned with carefully selected spices and an exquisitely balanced roux, the rich ingredients of Hokkaido go perfectly well with the curry.

The secret to the deliciousness of this scallop curry begins with the selection of ingredients. The scallops grown in a wonderful natural environment contain plenty of nutrients and umami, and are carefully hand-cooked one by one.

This frozen scallop curry is perfect for busy days. You can enjoy authentic scallop curry just by warming it with hot water, and if you keep it on hand, you can eat delicious curry anytime. There is no doubt that it will be useful as a side dish for busy mornings and evenings, and as a dish for hospitality.
By eating this scallop curry, you can experience the beautiful nature and rich ingredients of Hokkaido and have a pleasant time. Please enjoy the taste of Hokkaido at home.

*Please be careful when unpacking.


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